Terms and conditions for "loaner satnav" 

A loaner satnav can be sent customers free of charge  so that they can find us easily.   If you do not have a satnav yourself please avail yourself of this option particularly if you are coming from the south.      While our premises are extremely easy to access from all parts of the country,   the road network around the midlands is extremely complicated and dense with very complicated junctions.  If you miss your junction/turnoff it can be a nightmare to get back on the right track - with very few safe places to pull over and consult a map.   With satnav you will never have this problem.   Even if you take a wrong turning the satnav will automatically adjust in a few seconds and continue to give you correct directions to reach the destination.    

You will have to send a further  deposit of 100 (refunded on safe receipt back)  to borrow the satnav so send a cheque for 200 instead of the normal 100.     

To  borrow the satnav,  just tick the click box "loaner satnav" when you make your booking.     If you made the booking without ticking the the box and you later decide to borrow the satnav after all,  just email me at:  chris@before-n-after.co.uk. 

We will send the satnav in a jiffy bag by special delivery to arrive the day before your booking and email you with the special delivery code number of the satnav   so you can go to:  www.royalmail.com and use their "track and trace".     

You must make sure that someone is at your address during the morning.   Special delivery is guaranteed before 12 noon.     Don't panic if it does not arrive with the normal mail delivery,  sometimes it is delivered later.    

As soon as you receive the satnav,  please plug it into the cigarette lighter in your car to charge it for about 10 minutes then follow the instructions to make sure it is working properly.  If it is not working please contact us straight away.    

You can  hand the satnav back when you arrive in which case we will give you a receipt for the satnav and will deduct the 100 deposit from the amount you pay when you pick up your vehicle but we recommend that you keep it for your return home.   If you do this you will need to send it back to us in a jiffy bag by special delivery.

You will need to go to your post office to do this of course.     When we receive the satnav we will send you a cheque for 100 to refund your deposit.    

Do not  send back the satnav by ordinary mail.    If you do so you will have no proof that it ever arrived and if it does not arrive we will not send back your 100 deposit of course.   Please send the satnav back the day after you arrive home because we need it to send out to other customers.   We will make a charge of 10 per day for every day late which we will deduct from your 100 deposit. 

As soon as we receive the returned satnav we will send you a 100 cheque to return your deposit.   This is sent by normal mail.   If you do not receive it within a few days,  send us an email and we will stop the cheque and send you another. 

Please sign and date if you accept these terms and conditions. 

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