Due to more stringent EU environmental and health regs, KLEENtect is discontinued. It is replaced by the CR coating. Click here for details of CR coating and here to book in for a CR coating treatment.

Prices for KLEENtect  (KLEENtect is for Land Rover Defenders only) 

Defender 90   standard KLEENtect -  1,500 plus vat    KLEENtect colours -  extra 350 plus vat

Defender 110  standard KLEENtect - 1.700 plus vat    KLEENtect colours  - extra 350 plus vat 

Prices include injection of Waxoyl in all cavities; chassis members, crossmembers, bulkhead "A" posts, doors etc. - 1,500 plus VAT for short wheelbase (90 etc), 1,700 plus VAT for long wheelbase (110, Range Rover etc) .  "KLEENtect colours" 350 plus vat extra. 

Note:   We cannot inject KLEENtect into cavities.   KLEENtect is guaranteed for 10 years but cavities need to be injected with waxoyl around every five years.   Re-injection of KLEENtected vehicles is done FREE OF CHARGE on request even for second owners.   If the vehicle is to be used regularly for hard off road use we will clean out the cavities and re-waxoyl as often as you wish FOC on request.   

Booking in:

KLEENtect jobs are started on Mondays at 9.30 am  (you can drop the car off on the weekend if you wish)

Note:   We have just moved into new premises near Rugby (time of writing 24 March 08) and are not yet set up yet to do the KLEENtect service. 

KLEENtect should be available again from the third  week of May 2008. 

Subsidized KLEENtect Collection Service:   "You pay half - we pay half"

We have full comprehensive insurance to drive your vehicle. We will show you the insurance certificate when we pick your car up.  Our drivers have clean licences.

Our driver can travel to you on the train and drive your Defender to our premises.   When we have finished the KLEENtect on your Defender he will drive back and return on the train.   To pick up and deliver your car back there are 4 journeys altogether.  I pay the expenses  (driver's time, petrol in my Fiesta, train fare if driver comes on train,  guesthouse if pick up is in Scotland)  for 2 of those journey and you pay for the other 2.     If using this service please make sure your Land Rover has a full tank.    If the driver has to put fuel in your vehicle he will show you a receipt and ask for this to be reimbursed.   The driver will do an inspection of your vehicle for any scratches or dings etcs when he picks up the vehicle from you and record these on a check sheet  and he will ask you to inspect the vehicle when he brings it back and ask you to sign the check sheet.   

Note: I do not allow drivers to drive for more than 5 hours per day. So if they are picking up from Scotland they will stay in a guest hose overnight.  

Confirming your booking

Once you have booked in you will need to send a cheque for 200 (made out to "Before 'n' After) together with a signed copy of the terms & conditions for KLEENtect coating to confirm your booking - a blue form will come up after you have completed filling in the diary and booking form to remind you and give you the address to send them to. When I receive your cheque, I will send you a receipt and confirmation and an 20 page information pack telling you how to get here and what you can do when you are here.  (even though most KLEENtect customers use the collections service you still receive the standard confirmation/information pack   Please note: You do not need to send a covering letter with your cheque - just put the date of your booking and your telephone numbers on the back of the cheque. If we do not receive your cheque within two weeks, your booking will be cancelled. 

How to book yourself in:

Instructions (you may want to print these instructions off now as a guide for when you go to the diary page).

1. Click on diary

2) Click on the appropriate month and then check to see if the Monday day/time slot you require is free.  

3) Now scroll down the page and at the bottom of the diary page you will find a form called "add a booking".

4) Click on the 'save' button. A blue form appears when you click "save" at the bottom of the form reminding you to send your cheque together with your terms and conditions.

5)  Wait for the "blue form" to appear. Please follow instructions on the blue form. 

Note: Your booking is only valid if you have sent a cheque and received my written receipt & confirmation. Do not travel if you do not have this because I will not be able to do your car without this.