Car prices:

from 550 plus vat for Before 'n' After improved waxoyl with 5 year guarantee : "If you see any rust coming through the coating within 5 years, bring it back and have it retreated free of charge"

from 640 plus vat for CR coating with 10 year guarantee: "If you see any rust coming through the coating within 10 years, bring it back and have it retreated free of charge

email: for an accurate price for your car

What is Before 'n' After improved waxoyl and what is CR coating? Click here to read all about it.

Booking in:  

Cars are done on Sundays from 8.30 or 9.30 to 5pm

(All shops in Leamington spa are open on Sundays as are all the other local attractions. Have a great day out in our courtesy car.)

Courtesy Car - now mandatory

Note that in the new premises near Rugby we are out in the sticks and there are no buses so we will not accept your booking unless you also book the courtesy car (equipped with satnav). If you are bringing your vehicle to us yourself you can borrow our Honda S-MX (japanese import - 2 litre petrol/automatic ) as a courtesy car and have a great day out exploring Warwickshire while we rustproof your vehicle. While your vehicle is in my care it is covered by my insurance to a limit of 50,000. If your vehicle is worth more than this, extra cover can be arranged for a small fee.

No DVLC check code needed to borrow the courtesy car

I want to make booking in for my customers as easy and hassle free as possible. Therefore I have asked my insurers to dispense with the requirement that customers should have to supply me with the "DVLC check code" in order to borrow the courtesy car.

However, my insurers do insist that I cannot lend the courtesy car to you if you have "adverse convictions". Adverse convictions are: DR, IN, DD. So if you were convicted of these driving offences within the last 4 years, I cannot lend you the courtesy car:

DR - Drunk driving
IN - Driving while uninsured
DD - Reckless or dangerous driving

The following offences are allowed and I can lend you the courtesy car if you have:

SP - speeding offences
CU - Various offences (6) relating to driving with defective brakes, while operating a mobile phone etc. etc.
TS - "Failing to comply with..." (various offences - 7)

terms and conditions for borrowing the courtesy car

Confirming your booking

Once you have booked in you will need to send a cheque for 100 (made out to Chris Parkinson) for the Before 'n' After improved waxoyl treatment or the CR coating together with a signed copy of the terms & conditions (both treatments) to confirm your booking - a blue form will come up after you have completed filling in the diary and booking form to remind you and give you the address to send them to. When I receive your cheque, I will send you a receipt and confirmation and an 23 page information pack telling you how to get here and what you can do when you are here. Please note: You do not need to send a covering letter with your cheque - just put the date of your booking and your telephone numbers on the back of the cheque. If we do not receive your cheque within two weeks, your booking will be cancelled. 

How to book yourself in:

Only one vehicle can be rustproofed per day. Please select a "free" date for your booking.

Instructions (you may want to print these instructions off now as a guide for when you go to the diary page).

1. Click on diary

2) Click on the appropriate month and then check to see if the day/time slot you require is free.

3) Now scroll down the page and at the bottom of the diary page you will find a form called "add a booking". Note:   do not select Thursday,  Friday or Saturday as these are not "car" days.  If you do select one of these days the booking software will not accept your booking.   First of all,  use the "Select a vehicle" drop down menu to select "car".   Then fill in the rest of the form  with your details and the date you have chosen etc.   Use the "drop down menu" to select your time slot (Just click on the "time" field and the drop down menu will appear). To book the courtesy car,  collection service or loaner satnav just click the appropriate tick box.  Remember if you book the loaner satnav you will have to send a cheque for 200.

4) Click on the 'save' button. A blue form appears when you click "save" at the bottom of the form reminding you to send your cheque together with your terms and conditions.

5) Wait for the "blue form" to appear. (Your courtesy car details will also appear on the "blue form".) Please follow instructions on the blue form. 

Note: Your booking is only valid if you have sent a cheque and received my written receipt & confirmation. Do not travel if you do not have this because I will not be able to do your car without it.