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Ken Goodwin in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffs

Dear Chris,

I am very pleased with the "treatment" you carried out on my Range Rover, the appearance is immaculate. No mud, dirt or grime seems to stick to the underside ie chassis wheelarches etc. On November 17th 02 I took the vehicle for an MOT (it passed). A mechanic said I must have given the vehicle a good jetwashing as the underside is so clean yet I have not touched a jet washer or hose to use on the vehicle since you treated it. I suppose a good test will be through the Winter months when the roads get very mucky and it will be interesting to see the result in say early 2003. I feel confident it will still be clean. I will make a note in my diary to phone you regarding the condition around that date.

Best Wishes

From Ainslie Hanson in Ilminster, Somerset

.......The KLEENtect finish is excellent and already in a short period has been subject to extreme weather conditions with muddy water up to bumper level and a daily dousing in cow/horse dung and mud mixture. Only a thin coating of dirt remains which is often washed off by water on the road surface before I get home. There no longer is a build up of several inches of dirt and I am able to wash the small amount off using an ordinary garden hose that, as we are on our own water supply does not have very much pressure..........I am delighted.........."

From Derek Hobson in Grenoside near Sheffield

Dear Chris,

With all the rain we have had the chassis and underside of the body has stayed clean and with the gloss finish without me having to do anything. In fact its as clean on the underside as when I looked at it on your ramps when you had finished it. Everybody who has seen it has said how good it looks and I'm very glad to be able to forget about the dreaded rust bug. Money well spent. Thank you for a first class job.


If I ever have enough money to buy another new or nearly new Land Rover I will be in touch to have that done.

From Alan Graham, Oxted, Surrey

Dear Chris,

We recently took the Landrover to Tuscany and covered nearly 3.000 miles in the process. It wasn't cleaned for almost a month. The worst I could find underneath was dried chalk dust which can be wiped off. Nothing but the "sheen" has disappeared and this we know can be brought back with minimal effort. In exchange for an underside clean; I would be happy at some stage (ideally the spring) to return the vehicle for you to inspect yourself.

Regards Alan

P.S. We recently had a 60 metre trench dug for waterpipes and had clay everywhere. There is no evidence of any sticking to the treated parts of the vehicle.

From Simon Hume, Seer Green, Bucks

Having decided to invest in a KLEENtect treatment for my pride and joy I have no regrets whatsoever. I am delighted. After off road use in clay conditions I have driven home and found practically no trace of any of the clinging clods one would expect, and any that were trapped in nooks and crannies come away esily with a light hosing.